Parents play an important role in keeping their children at a healthy weight. Hurtt Family Health Clinic is here to support parents as they guide kids in developing healthy food habits.

Our team of professional dieticians and pediatricians assist parents with developing a personalized pediatric weight management plan. These plans focus on helping your kids reach optimal health.


Partnering with Parents

 Figuring out whether your child is overweight or underweight is not an easy task. You need an expert’s help and guidance in order to understand the condition of your child’s weight. Through our programs, we can determine your child’s Body Mass Index (BMI) or the measurement of body fat based on his or her height and weight.

Our professionals will look into your child’s medical history and examine his or her eating and exercise habits. Once your medical provider is able to diagnose whether your child is underweight or overweight, we will provide you with a treatment plan to provide support in reaching your child’s wellness goals.

As a low cost health clinic, we work hand-in-hand with parents to ensure their children maintain a healthy weight. We welcome uninsured and underinsured families from underserved communities in Orange County. With Hurtt Family Health Clinic, you can rest easy that each step in the weight management plan of your child is properly monitored.


Pediatric Weight Management Program: Treatment Plans

  • Customized dietary and exercise plans
  • Medication for weight control
  • Customized treatment plans


Childhood Obesity

If your child experiences childhood obesity, they are at a higher risk for stroke, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and bone and joint problems. They may also struggle from social and psychological problems, such as poor self-esteem or bullying. Our goal is to lessen these risks by guiding your child toward reaching certain health goals.


Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity

  • Breathing problems
  • Irregular periods
  • Joint pain
  • Sleep problems, such as sleep apnea
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Depression
  • High cholesterol
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Inflammation of the liver


Underweight Children

While there is a lot of focus on childhood obesity, being underweight also has many risk factors. Just because a child is skinny does not mean that they are healthy. Underweight children may be missing vital health nutrients because of malnutrition. When this happens, it could cause them other health problems such as developmental delays.


Risk Factors of Poor Nutrition

  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Anemia
  • Osteoporosis from too little vitamin D and calcium
  • Decreased immune function
  • Increased risks for complications from surgery
  • Irregular menstrual cycles


Whether your child is underweight or overweight, one of the best ways to help them improve their health is through undergoing a pediatric weight management plan.

Through regular visits and consultations with our pediatricians, you can monitor how your child grows as compared with other children their age. We also encourage you to ask about any concerns you have about your child’s health or behavior during these visits.