• DEDICATED – we are dedicated to our mission and to the individualized needs of our patients.
  • EMPOWERING – we want to empower our patients to actively participate in their healthcare and to better understand their chronic disease conditions as a result of the care that we provide.
  • SERVICE – our goal is to provide enthusiastic and professional service to our patients, their families, our colleagues, and to our community.
  • EXCELLENCE – we strive to continually deliver excellence in every aspect of our work.
  • DIVERSITY – we are committed to supporting the diversity of our patient population and to providing culturally competent care.
  • INTEGRITY – we will consistently adhere to high ethical standards with honesty, dependability, and respect.
  • COMPASSION – we are committed to showing compassion to our patients, their families, and to each other.
  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – we exercise fiscal responsibility in all matters to ensure the strength, security, and sustainability of the organization.

Hurtt Family Health Clinic is known for its high standards in delivering primary medical, dental and mental healthcare. Our low cost health clinic locations provide affordable care in Tustin, Santa Ana and Anaheim, CA.