Your healthcare needs change as you age, but comprehensive care and guidance allows you to remain in optimum condition well into your golden years. As a family medical clinic, Hurtt Clinic offers patient-centered geriatric services that help underserved seniors and their families manage and understand changing healthcare needs.

The following services are offered to seniors even if they are uninsured:

  • Primary care for seniors 80 years and above
  • Primary care for seniors 65 years and above with neurologic conditions such as cognitive impairment, dementia, or neuro-degenerative disease
  • Consultative visits to seniors 65 years and above who have a primary care physician


Compassionate senior care

Geriatric care is important but it can be quite challenging, especially when the elderly is resisting care. Our friendly and professional physicians will put seniors at ease when discussing their health problems and adjusting to new healthcare routines. Some of our staff members are Medi-Cal doctors in Orange County dedicated to helping low-income seniors receive cost-efficient services. The care we provide seniors include:


Good movement and exercise

Our family medical clinic’s offers a good movement and exercise program for seniors in need of joint care, orthopedic care, and the like. Exercise strengthens the body and has been known to help fight diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease. It also lowers the risk of falling or injury. As a result, seniors can maintain their independence and engage in activities they’ve always enjoyed.

Custom nutrition plan

Our family medical clinic recognizes that dietary needs change as we age. Therefore it has designed a custom nutrition plan that considers all the important nutrients that will help seniors ward of illnesses and achieve optimal health.

Proper rest and sleep

Older people may notice changes in their sleeping patterns. Some may nap more or wake up more often throughout the night, while others tend to sleep earlier at night and awaken earlier in the morning. No matter your age, you still need a good amount of sleep to stay active and productive the next day. Our program can help you get the right amount of sleep and rest you need at your age and circumstance.

Basic dental care

Advancing age can cause oral health problems like darkened teeth, tooth loss, or gum disease. Our clinic can help preserve your natural permanent teeth and treat dental problems. We offer a number of dental services, including extractions, fillings, hygiene, root canal, and crowns, just to name a few.

Hearing and vision care

Activities that you may have found easy in the past such as reading a book or taking part in a conversation can become more challenging. When this happens, the first step to take is to pay a visit to our clinic in Tustin, Santa Ana, and Anaheim, CA. For hearing problems, we offer diagnostic hearing and balance exams. As for vision care, we provide services such as eye exams and glaucoma tests.


To learn more about our health programs and services, browse the website or call Hurtt Family Health Clinic at (714)247-0300. You can also email