Hurtt Family Health Clinic not only offers accessible medical care but helps patients make informed health decisions as well. As a low-cost health clinic, we strive to offer basic preventative health care, health promotion, and health education to the underserved and homeless families in Tustin, Santa Ana, and Anaheim, CA. We maintain comfortable, patient-friendly health facilities to provide nurturing guidance and assistance to our patients.

Our low-income health clinic provides programs and education-driven activities conducive to proper health education and health improvement aimed at  individuals and communities. Each program is designed to improve wellness, prevent illnesses or disability, and avoid premature death.


Some of the health education services we offer include:

  • Helping patients and families manage chronic illnesses
  • Reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Advice and referrals on smoking and addiction
  • Personal hygiene and nutrition
  • Free and low-cost health insurance applications


Meet our team of health education providers

Our staff is composed of board-certified physicians, certified nurse practitioners, and a certified physician assistant. Our health educators and volunteer community workers understand the clinic’s dedication to helping the homeless and the poor, and work tirelessly to educate communities about wellness and deliver life-changing preventive health.

Whether you have concerns about your diet, sleep, or illness, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our team of health educators will provide information and care that is useful and easy to understand.


Count on the health educators in our low-cost health clinic to help you:

  • Evaluate your health needs
  • Learn about health issues through education-driven programs, activities, and events
  • Manage existing health conditions
  • Improve your access to health care services


Moreover, the clinic is also tasked with the following:

  • Provide helpful training programs for health professionals and community health workers
  • Manage staff members or volunteers who implement and work on health education programs
  • Collect and evaluate information to further understand a specific community
  • Improve programs and services for the community
  • Promote improved health resources and policies
  • Report findings and other important updates to healthcare providers and health educators
  • Offer effective counseling and social support to communities
  • Carry out outreach programs
  • Make it easier for community members to access healthcare services
  • Advocate for the needs of the community
  • Provide a comfortable setting for people to gather and share information


Importance of health education

Through our health promotion, we are able to bridge the gap between health education and underserved families. This allows us to help communities apply health learnings in their daily lives. It also encourages community members to become more involved in our activities and to continuously support our program.  

We want to empower our patients to actively participate in their healthcare and better understand their chronic disease conditions as a result of the care that we provide.  Hurtt Family Health Clinic is known for its high standards in delivering low-cost quality healthcare for all.  


To learn more about our health programs and services, browse the website or call Hurtt Family Health Clinic at (714)247-0300. You can also email