Living with a chronic illness is not easy, but with diligent management, a patient can continue to enjoy a full life while staying on the road to recovery.

As part of our family healthcare programs, we at Hurtt Family Health Clinic provide acute and chronic care services to help patients (along with their caregivers) manage their conditions as effectively and as stress-free as possible. We are a low cost medical clinic, and our services are accessible even for people with no health insurance.

Our services are applicable to common chronic illnesses such as:

  • Allergies
  • Asthm
  • Back pain
  • COPD
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol

Our chronic illness management programs have been designed to help patients achieve the following:

  • Educate the patient in their role in managing their disease
  • Manage medical, personal, and emotional issues
  • Manage stress, depression, sleep, fatigue, and pain
  • Improve a patient’s relationships with their doctor
  • Manage medications
  • Get necessary social support
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices

If you have a chronic illness, know that managing it requires a team effort. This involves healthcare providers, caregivers, family members and yourself. While everyone plays an important role on your road to wellness, your participation is the most crucial.


Working with Healthcare Professionals

The first step to effective chronic care is to establish a relationship with your healthcare providers, which, in many cases, is a team that includes a general practitioner (GP), specialists, physiotherapists and counselors.

Our physicians at Hurtt Family Health Clinic include primary care doctors who can lead your health management team, recommend diagnostic processes, and refer you to specialists as the need arises.


Developing a Management Plan

Your GP can develop and coordinate a management plan that’s specific to your condition, your personal history and lifestyle. The plan includes the things you both need to do, including your medications, schedule of visits and consultations with the GP and/or specialist doctors, your diet, any restrictions on your activities, and others.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Part of your chronic illness management plan will be a healthy diet and movement routine. Adhering to your nutrition and exercise plan is a big factor in the success of the plan and your journey toward wellness.

Taking Your Medication

Make sure to take your medications on time and in the correct dosages. The medicines and their dosages may be adjusted by your doctors as you progress, so follow up visits and tests are crucial.

Getting Assistance

If you need help in moving around, going about your daily activities and taking your medications, seek the help of a family member or a professional caregiver who can attend to you as often as you need.


What We Provide

Hurtt Family Health Clinic offers chronic care programs that educate both patients and their caregivers about the importance of following a chronic illness management plan. We can also present options for self-management, as well as advice for obtaining additional emotional support that patients need.

We understand and recognize the difficulty in managing a chronic condition. The professionals here at Hurtt Family Health Clinic strive to provide patients with compassionate and personalized support.