Raul Castorena, ASW


I called Santa Ana home for the majority of my life. I spent my summers ranching and tending to the farm life between the ages of 7-14 in a small town in Jalisco, Mexico. I enlisted in the Navy at the age of 19 with the hope for discipline and direction. I began my educational path in the Navy, I served four years and those four years were probably the best investment I could have ever made for myself. The Navy gave me the tools and experience to face life, it was in the Navy that I adopted the motto “adapt and overcome”. Shortly after my term was up in the Navy I began at Santa Ana College, then transferred to Vanguard University of Southern California were I earned my degree in Psychology. I worked in case management for a few years in the field of social work while at Vanguard and sometime after was when I realized that I wanted to increase my skill set. I then began and completed my clinical social work program at the University of Southern California, it was while at USC that I became enlightened to my true potential to be able to impact the lives I encounter as a clinical social worker. Helping to restore lives and aid in the healing process encourages me every day.


Practice Philosophy

To aid people with finding the proper mind, body and spirit balance in order to unlock their true potential, encourage the lost and the wounded to seek out their passions.


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