Nutrition Classes

As a low cost health clinic, part of our goal is to help underserved families have access to nutrition education. Through our nutrition classes, Hurtt Family Health Clinic helps individuals and families make changes in their overall lifestyle and have the support that they need for healthy living.


Obstacles Low-Income Families Face to Access Affordable and Organic Food

There are a lot of barriers that low-income individuals face when it comes to accessing healthy food, such as:

  • Financial restrictions
  • Lack of equipment and ingredients to prepare food
  • Lack of education on proper nutrition
  • Being accustomed to eating unhealthy food
  • Easy access to fast food
  • Limited access to healthy and organic food
  • Lack of time to prepare healthy meals
  • Lack of access to nutrition classes


Hurtt Family Health Clinic aims to break these barriers by providing informative nutrition classes. We deliver hands-on nutrition courses that will connect families with food and teach them how to prepare meals that are delicious, healthy, and low cost.


Importance of nutrition classes

We believe that nutrition classes are an effective strategy to encourage people to have healthy eating behaviors and improve health outcomes. Our nutrition classes are designed to help:

  • Reduce risks of health problems such as poor nutrition and obesity
  • Developing healthy eating habits in children
  • Improve overall well-being
  • Improve ability to fight off illnesses
  • Recover from effects of malnutrition
  • Recover from injury quickly
  • Increase energy level


Working with healthcare professionals toward good nutrition

Our low cost health clinic has health educators and volunteer community workers who are well trained in educating community members about good nutrition. They create education-driven classes, activities, and programs that are intended to teach everyone about proper nourishment.


Through our nutrition classes, we can help you avoid the following common diseases due to poor nutrition:



Also known as corpulence, obesity is the excessive accumulation of body fat due to consumption of too much calories. Through exercise and proper nutrition, your body can return to its normal weight and even avoid risks of having cardiovascular diseases.


Eating disorders

Eating disorders have two major classifications including anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa happens when a person loses a considerable amount of body weight due to fear of becoming overweight. On the other hand, bulimia nervosa is binge eating followed by attempts to compensate through self-induced vomiting.


Nutritional deficiency

Nutritional deficiency happens when a person’s body doesn’t get or absorb a certain amount of nutrient. It can lead to different health problems such as skin disorders, dementia, or defective bone growth.



Malnutrition happens when a person has experienced prolonged nutrient deficiency. It can also be due to unwise food choices, limited food availability, or intestinal malabsorption.


Managing these health problems is not an easy task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Together with our healthcare professionals and health educators, we can help you better understand how to avoid or manage illnesses caused by poor nutrition. We encourage you to attend our nutrition classes to obtain the support and education that you need to lead a healthier lifestyle.


To learn more about our nutrition programs and services, browse the website or call Hurtt Family Health Clinic at (714)247-0300. You can also email